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lindamarlen’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 15 Oct 2008

Location: my room, Cyprus

MapI must say that I pretty much hated life when I woke up this morning. I had to drag myself out of bed to get to class at 8 am. And be awake for a presentation on European stuff. And then I decided that it probably wasn't a great idea to go out the night before.

Last night, the Erasmus student association (I started getting involved when I first arrived) put together an International Party for all study abroad students. I wasn't going to because I was going to have a great night reviewing math and studying vocabulary words. woopie. And I wanted my energy for class the following morning. (I seem to be one of the only nuts that has class before 12 pm). As I was in bed, Ashley and Amanda (my double A nickname for them) came into my room to talk about how much FUN they were going to have fun at the party and it sucks that I wasn't going. Little did I know that it was their darn plan to come in and convince me. Long story short, I gave in and got ready in a record 7 minutes. And ran downstairs to meet up with everyone else. Yes, I had fun...but I will make a mental note to lock my room when I am studying so that no one comes in! Don't listen to my double A batteries anymore because they didn't have class until 3 pm.

I got a call from the GLS office and they told me I had mail! I was so excited I practically ran there. It was a letter I had been waiting for over 2 weeks. My family sent me a card and everybody signed it. My mom wrote some words of advice and said that she was counting the days until I got back. My older sister also gave me some words of advice and reminded me to take lots of pictures. My dad drew stick figures of the whole. Mine was the ugliest, is he trying to tell me something?? lol And not surprisingly, my little sister and big brother said that they boys and girls in my pictures are "cute". ay ay ay, boys. girls. que locos.

I am getting better at my Greek! I almost had a full conversation with my program coordinator in the office. The whole office laughs when I greet them in Greek or say something else in Greek. Not sure if they are making fun of me or if they actually think I'm good. They tell me that I sound fluent (and I thank my Spanish for that because it's easier for me to pronounce things) and am a quick learner. I don't always understand every word that people tell me, but I can put the pieces together. The other day, I was in the grocery store and I greeted the cashier in Greek and she asked me if I had my Carrefour card. I didn't understand the words but I knew what she meant. And I responded 'yes' in Greek. We weren't having an actual conversation but every question she asked, I responded back in Greek. And she didn't laugh! I blend in! Trust that I gave myself a pat on the back after I walked out of there. I don't know if I'll actually try to learn more, I only really need the basics. It's just awkward when I start a conversation with the locals, and then I just stare at them when I can't understand them. lol They are probably thinking 'you shouldn't speak it if you dont know it all!'
I learned how to count to 30! So when I asked someone 'how much?' I actually understood the price. it was cool!!

Well I'm going to get back to studying and go steal some of the fresh and warm cookies my roommate just baked!

Oh!! I cooked something else today. No, it may come as a surprise to you that I don't cook often. When I'm away from home, I am forced to cook for myself or go on the PB & J diet. Today, I messed around with some know, being Ratatouille... and cooked some damn good potatoes, grilled veggies, and scrumptious chicken!!! My momma would be proud of me. I called her like 3 times today and she didn't answer. boooo!