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lindamarlen’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 15 Oct 2008

Location: Cyprus

Map**gasp** BY THE WAY! I forgot to write this yesterday,

there was a bat in our apartment! A BAT!!!!! I dont know!

I didnt see it, thank goodness otherwise I would have peed my pants.

I have three roommates and there are two per bedroom. So, apparently it's like in the early hours of the morning and Yuri is trying to wake up Sarah...

Yuri: "Sarah, Sarah, Saaaaarah."
Sarah: "uuuuuuugggh"
Yuri: "I dont know what to do...."
*Sarah looks over and sees that Yuri has her hand pressed on the window curtain against the wall and see something flapping around in there. She hears the squeals or whines, whatever noise bats make, and freaks out. She goes out to the hallway and bumps into Jackie (who wakes up every morning at 5 am!) and tells her what is going on.
By the time Jackie went into the room, Yuri had let go of the curtain and the bat went boinko! It flew out the window.

I missed all of this, yet I can vividly tell you the story. No more leaving the windows open or our balcony door open.

First, the mosquitos try to eat me alive and leave horrible, burning bumps. And now a bat! who knows what they would do to me!