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lindamarlen’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 16 Oct 2008

Location: Cyprus

Map12.27 am

I have drunk 2 cups of coffee today, and because of my low tolerance for caffeine....and now I am wide awake at this time.

I told my mom about the bat story. And she laughed. She didn't worry about my safety or if any other animal could possibly come inside again. But she laughed. **sigh** but then I laughed too because the whole was actually pretty funny.

I didn't do much today other than work on math and I went to the computer lab to print some stuff. But the day flew by pretty fast. Everybody is out right now, it's Margarita Thursday at Bennigan's where margaritas are 2 euros. What do Cypriots know about Margaritas!

I wish I had my truck!! I could take advantage of Cyprus so much more!

p.s. I have become a humus addict. You can call me Zohana