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lindamarlen’s Travel Diary

Friday, 17 Oct 2008

Location: Cyprus

MapI finally had the chance to go downtown Nicosia today. I was on a mission to go to the post office and ended up going through the little streets of Nicosia and SUSHI! Let me tell you, it hit the spot! I was ansy in my seat waiting for the food to come. When I Ashley and I got to the restaurant (the sushi restaurant is in the Holiday Inn Hotel), it was not opened yet. So we waited 30 minutes for it to open, it was worth the wait.

I wasn't planning on doing any shopping in downtown, I was just going to look around and get to know the place. There are many cool stores around here, like Guess and others alike. But in the little streets, there are tons of stores where you can buy trinkets and such. I found a beautiful scrapbook/photo album of handmade paper and leaves. I can't really describe it, but it is such a beautiful scrap book. I can't wait to put my pictures in it. The first store that Ashley and I went in, we found it for 20 euros. After we told her we'd come back (we actually intended to), we kept walking down and found more stores. We ended up finding the same scrapbook for 7 euros! I have to admit, we were pretty excited about the scrapbook/photo albums. One, that they are friggin awesome, and two, that we found it for a cheaper price.

Oh! And I found out that the euro currency exchange rate dropped from 1.67 to about 1.30. Do you have any idea how that makes a difference in my life?? Too bad for the Europe currency...yay for the American dollar budget that I'm on. :D

It's wake in the morning and realize where you're at. I'm living in an island, how sweet is that? It certainly doesn't feel like it because I live an hour away from the nearest beach, but there are less than 1 million people living in Cyprus! Compared to the millions that live in Orange County alone!