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lindamarlen’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 21 Oct 2008

Location: University Library, Cyprus

Map3:30 pm

I came to the library to study and on my way there, I decided to stop by the Student Affairs office. Even though I'm only going to be here for one semester, i still want to get involved or volunteer for any events that the SA office puts together. The young woman who was helping was very excited that I was interested in being involved. She provided me with the list of organizations (there are less than 15) and the number to call if I wanted to join any of them.

Then I asked her how I could start my own. And she asked me if I was sincerely interested, I thought about it for a second because I knew how much work it would take and I would be leaving soon anyway. But I decided that if I found enough students to join, then they could help me keep it going long after I was gone. There are 8 cultural clubs on campus but none are Latino oriented...and that makes sense because I am one of the few Latinas that has studied there. I have met about 5 Spaniards, 2 Colombians, and 1 Mexicana. I dont know the exact statistics on how many study there per year...but I know it's not a lot. Then it occurred to me that I could start a campus organization for my study abroad program, Global Learning Semesters. We could do volunteer work, cultural, educational and social events. I am a genius! :)

I emailed the staff from GLS to see if that is a possibility and I cant wait to hear back from them! I have to have a minimum of 5 members to start (and there are about 60 of us), and once I get those signatures submitted the director approves or disapproves, then we have elections. The cool thing is that each new club is given 250 euros to hold events. I am getting too ahead of myself, especially when I should be thinking about EXAMS right now! But you know what, I have been over stressing myself out. I need to breathe, smell the roses and do something that I love.

As if I didnt sign up for enough, I bumped into the Vice President of ASG (like ASI back home) and he said he heard that I was interested in becoming involved. He asked me if Id like to come to the next meeting and see if I would like to help out with future events. I sat and spoke with him for a while and I told him that I was very involved back home, especially with ASI and organizing events.

So I cant wait!!

back to studying :)