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lindamarlen’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 17 Dec 2008

Location: Cyprus

MapBut there ARE a few things should update you on...

-I am now good friends with the professor of Law which I initially strongly disliked. I don't know if he will be giving anyone an A, but I really appreciate him giving all of us a challenge in his class. And I will NEVER be a lawyer.
-I'm having the best conversations in Greek with the taxi drivers. I dont know much, but trust me...these conversations end up pretty entertaining, you'll definitely enjoy a ride with us. Random greek words come out
-I went to Ireland and thought I fell in love, until I found out he was gay =( oh, the deception.
-I went to Brussels and Amsterdam as well, and had the time of my life.
-I have been watching episodes of Lost and am now deathly afraid of the fact that I will be on 4 different airplanes for a total of 27 hours on my way back home
-Mosquitoes are still the devil
-I want to study or travel in Africa
-I dont know how Im going to start driving when I get back home...I thikn I'll get on the wrong side of the highway.