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Saturday, 01 Nov 2008

Location: Kowloon - Nathan Hotel, Hong Kong

MapThe adventure starts here! We are in the Nathan Hotel in Hong Kong whisked here by an ultra efficient transport system and enhanced by willing helpful and pleasant porters (an unknown concept at Heathrow).
For anyone keeping up with my neck saga, you will be interested to know that thanks to my horsehoe shaped beanie pillow (most thanks due to Naze for my Christmas present last year) I slept on the plane and don't have a stiff neck!!!!
We will now explore the city and post some photos later. J
Air New Zealand was good; I was under strict instructions not to browbeat them at the airport about seat allocation - which I managed, more or less. Check-in staff not great - cabin crew, service excellent. Can't believe how clean and efficient everything is here - so far! B