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C2C’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 11 Nov 2008

Location: Hahei, New Zealand

Map11th November

Last night Brian provided a cooking demonstration of green lipped mussels in white wine, onion and garlic on the small gas barbeque to a bemused young German couple and their two small children who were parked next to us. After the children had gone to bed we shared the mussels and the English language for several hours – very entertaining. We’d had an earlier escape from an English couple who regaled us (uninvited) with details of the 25 sites they had stayed on and their relative merits plus a potted life history in 5 mins whilst stepping towards us at a pace a minute!
For the first time this holiday we got up early (75% of the campsite already seemed to be up) and set off on the 3hour round trip (walking) to Cathedral Cove in the Coromandel Peninsula, which is only accessible by foot. It was quite a climb in parts and we had a few interludes to practise regular breathing but we did it in 2 hours which either says something for our fitness or the local estimates – we don’t need feedback on your opinion!
Later, having rented a spade from the campsite, we went to Hot Water Beach at low tide and dug a thermal pool. A fissure in the earth below this particular beach and a volcano beneath provides hot water which can be accessed a few centimetres below the surface at a temperature of 64 degrees C. Many people were there congregating around particularly warm areas so there was a peculiar sense of community – although Brian’s immersion in a tide of German tourists was not such a positive experience. This was one of the tourist things we had to do and was great fun.