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C2C’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 16 Nov 2008

Location: Kaikoura, New Zealand

MapSo, to Nelson – a place we’d been vaguely aware of on account of the Eatons but otherwise hadn’t known much about.

It’s a bit out on a limb & so had to be approached via a tortuously winding road – sometimes alarmingly windy. But arriving there we were struck by the uniformity of its ‘middle middle class’ ambiance. While Napier had its rough areas – and then some very posh – Nelson seemed about the same standard throughout.

Arrived at around lunchtime so looked for a suitable place to recharge, B had Nelson scallops; J had a paua – a meaty but small shellfish in a beautiful turquoise shell - in a waterside restaurant. Sublime.

First place we went (after the high street, obviously) was the Cathedral. A grey stone building occupying a commanding hillside position it certainly looked the part. Inside was great too (though it seemed strange that the 14:00 wedding party hadn’t arrived at 13:45). Looked around and left a note in the visitors’ book & wandered off to a camp site overlooking the tidal estuary. Very scenic.

Sunday morning – Nov 16 – we were up in time to attend the morning service at the Cathedral. Strange thing was although Derek was bishop there for 16 years (his name’s on the plaque and everything) there was no trace of him or Alice around the place. Hope this doesn’t upset them – but that’s how it all seemed.

After church did the long drive to Kaikoura, through some of the most breathtaking scenery yet. Stopped at a roadside stall to buy crayfish (kura) which we ate at sundown, washed down with some Marlborough sauvignon blanc. Does it get any better?