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C2C’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 25 Nov 2008

Location: Queenstown to Manapouri, New Zealand

MapSpent the night in (allegedly) the first eco-certified motor park in the world. No doubt it received this accolade by combining a super high density (more room in a flat can with a ring-pull) with only 3 showers – evidently to minimise water consumption.

B was in the office complaining about no internet (US$10 for 24 hours – no service the previous night and ‘it doesn’t like mornings’) when who should walk in but… Cathy and Dave from Oregon! They’ve extended their trip and it appears will be at Christchurch airport at the same time as we leave.

We went our separate ways (for now, obviously). B thought the town was ghastly (as he expected) although J just thought it was not our ‘cup of tea’, not being thrilled by bungee jumping etc. and the weather a bit of a washout but the restaurant we had found was great. Also, went to another one for lunch which produced a whitebait fritter that was mostly made of whitebait. Still no flavour though. Downloaded 3 days’ worth of photos at the i-site, discovered that all extreme sports were cancelled owing to rising river levels (could have told them that after the rafting experience), so couldn’t even do the Shotover Jet ride, went up and down the hill in a cablecar in fog and light rain, with one camera that had not recovered from its dry bag experience on the raft (it obviously didn’t protect it from trauma) and the other with minimal charge left in the battery, so decided to leg it across country to Lake Manapouri.