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C2C’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 02 Dec 2008

Location: Raratonga, Cook Islands

MapCrossing the international date line we arrived in Raratonga 23 hours before we left New Zealand but our body clocks are fine and we'd only just worked out what day it was anyway!
We had a rather frenetic journey as the flight from Christchurch to Auckland was delayed by 30 mins which meant we had to get from the domestic to international terminal and deposit our excess luggage (lower baggage allowance to Cook Islands) and catch the flight all in 50 mins. With a great turn of speed (picture it!) we made it with 10 mins to spare, which could have been spent snatching a flat white! Stress was added when we realised that we had left all the electrical cables, chargers etc plus B's mobile in a bag in the campervan. Each assumed the other had checked but in an atmosphere of no blame, we will learn from the experience, move on and allocate specific individual responsibilities in future! So the running was accompanied by breathless phone calls to Roger, the hirer, to arrange sending them to us here.
Our first day here was great, very relaxed and enjoying the sometimes cloudy sunshine and warm water. Our room is almost on the beach and the view over the turquoise waters of the lagoon to a small island is amazing (in the sun). The atmosphere is very laid back and the islanders are very friendly. We caught up with sleep, walked a bit, did some reading, some swimming and snorkelling and of course experienced South Seas cuisine.
Today, however has been slightly different as it has rained continuously, accompanied by wind, and intermittent thunder and lightning - described as a cyclone here I think. We did venture out in shorts, flip flops, umbrellas to catch the bus to town but got quite wet getting to the road, then got splashed by a passing car and as B was complaining about the driver's stupidity (and J had moved back from the road) another car did the same thing! Of course J found it hysterically funny. The bus then arrived on the other side of the road - there are clockwise and anti-clockwise buses. As B was now completely soaked we retreated to the hotel.
All the staff have been rather circumspect about the forecast so we have just looked it up - more of the same for the next 10 days! B is feeling rather smug that he accumulated so much sunshine on his head and chest yesterday!