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C2C’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 30 Nov 2008

Location: Christchurch, New Zealand

MapWith a great e effort of will we got up, packed etc in time to go to a Choral Eucharist at the Cathedral. B loves them; J is not so keen but nevertheless keen to attend a service there.

The choir was stupendous - hauntngly beautiful and the service friendly and very accessible. B also found it very touching and emotional - kept getting handkerchief out and blowing nose loudly. The service was led by the newly-inducted Theologian-in-Residence (Dawn French look-alike) who spoke compellingly - so much so that we decided to go to the evening Advent carol service - equally good but B managed without the hanky most of the time.

The really surreal moment was at the beginning when we glimpsed our old friends from Oregon, Kathy and Dave, but unfortunately (despite handwaving from J) they didn't see us and left before we could catch them up.

Christchurch City is pretty compact and not hugely attractive: saw the museum, botanic gardens with a riverside walk reminiscent of Cambrige, including punts, the hospital (not as patients) and an arts centre full of stalls selling tourist tat (in B's opinion). Went on the tram (restored 1920s) which seemed good value at first but we later discovered coves a circular route as easily accessed on foot. The commentary was interesting though. Ah well.

All this rush probably contributed to not devoting enough time to making sure everything was out of the van and packed - hence the electrical incident - see 2 December blog! As all of our chargers and download cables were among them there will be a short intermission in posting photos - mercifully, some may say!