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C2C’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 11 Dec 2008

Location: Auckland, New Zealand

MapStill consumed with guilt at B’s error (planning to meet Jenny H’s sisters in Christchurch when in fact they live in Auckland – oops!) we were determined to see Sheila and Frances in the gap between returning from Raratonga and leaving for LA.

Boarded at 03.40 in Rara & arrived 4 hours later (7.30am the next day – very confusing!). Cleaned up and called Frances; arrived at Frances and Jack’s house at around 10.30. Sheila was there and on excellent form. We were made hugely welcome and treated to a sumptuous lunch after which Frances and Jack took us on a ‘ticky-tack tour’.

In the space of a few hours we saw Auckland from different perspectives, each brought to life with a rich fund of local history from Jack. Visited the old and new cathedrals – the old having been moved intact from an adjoining site in the early 1980s. We saw botanic gardens and hothouses, relics of the 1923 Exhibition and a highlight was standing on the edge of an extinct volcano. B tried to estimate the diameter by imagining a golf drive; it was generally agreed that even he could claim a hole in one with a target 500m wide. A great day.

Off to the airport at 9 for the 12 hour flight to LA.