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scotq’s Travel Diary

Monday, 01 Dec 2008

Location: Livingston, Guatemala

MapWe are in Livingston for the second day and tomorrow derpart early for the Copan Ruins in Honduras, it will be a long bus ride, but worth the effort from all that we have heard. Tikal was amazing, we saw greatwildlife and climbed five of the seven main temples. Walking all through the jungle to find each set. We then caught a bus to the town of Rio Dulce and spent the night at a cool little hotel in the jungle and had a relaxing evening. We then took an amazing boat tour from Rio Dulce to the Garifuna enclave of Livingston. We are staying at a hilarious hotel that was an old Moorish compund. We had some amazing experiences with the Garifuna people inmcluding one who lives in Wilmington and was here for a sad occasion. We decided to spend an extra day here and today we went to the Seven Altars waterfalls which were mostly dry and playa blanca a funny beach in the middle of nowhere. The ride back was quite rough yet adventurous. We will relax tonight and head off to the town of Copan Ruiñas in Honduras for Darcels last few days before she heads out from the Guatemala City airport. It has been quite an amazing adventure.