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scotq’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 10 Dec 2008

Location: Xela, Guatemala

MapIt seems as though my heart has led me to the town of Quetzaltenango, known as Xela by the locals, in far western Guatemala. Darcel and I skipped here to head to Coban instead in order to make a full loop and because the weather is horrible in the Bay Islands of Honduras right now, I decided to backtrack and come visit Xela and I am glad that I did. It is a wonderful city, though it is second in size to only Guatemala City it has a small town feel and is very safe. I was planning to stay here only three days, but will probably now stay until Friday or so. I spent the first night hanging out with 8 new Peace Corps volunteers and then the following day explored the city including a Marimba concert on the square and an artesan market. On Monday, I travelled with 5 other backpackers to the sacred Mayan lake Chicabel, which was a difficult 5 kilometer ascent but well worth it. Yesterday, to relax, I went with 5 others to the most amazing hot springs nestled in the local mounains called Fuentes Georginas. Today I am catching up on errands like Laundry and bank and internet and tonight I am trekking with a group of 30 people to the top of the Volcan Santa Maria in the full moon and we will arrive to watch sunset from the top. It is supposed to have some amazing views including that of a nearby active volcano which erupts every 30 minutes. That means I will come back tomorrow afternoon and take a day of rest before I head out most likely to another mountain town called Nebaj. And I know my parents will appreciate this, last night I took a free Salsa class, I have zero skills. Love to you all!