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scotq’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 13 Dec 2008

Location: Xela, Guatemala

MapThe full moon hike to the top of Santa Maria Volcano was grueling and exhausting but so so worth it! The climb was steep and over the 4.5 hour hike we gained over 2500 feet in elevation. Needless to say I was one of the last to reach the top. Atop the mountain we found shelter amongst the rocks to stay warm and then had a triple treat. First an amazing moonset, nearly full and glowing orangish yellow. Then the next volcano over, Santaguita did its clockwork 45 minute eruption spewing cloud and smoke which we were above to watch. And then came the sunrise, which is probably the best I have ever seen. Check out the pictures, they do not do it justice, but give you an idea. I had a hard time picking 12, so when I return I will have a lot more to share. I came back and slept and then headed with a friend from Ireland to a random town NW of Xela in the mountains to get our Mayan horoscope read, which was unfortunately cheezy and to check out Los Riscos which were small but interesting, again check out the pictures. The highlights of Momostenango were meeting the town loco and getting stuck in the middle of a procession celebrating the Virgin of Guadelupe and seeing them in their costumes that I am pretty sure were Xena Warrior princess. Today I am doing errands and trying to find someone to head to the beach with, if I do I will go to a quiet beach near the Mexico border and if not I will head to Monterico south of Guatemala City. Probably will only hope on the internet once more before my return in one week.