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scotq’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 17 Dec 2008

Location: Monterico, Guatemala

MapI couldn´t find anyone to travel with me to an isolated beach, so I took multiple buses to the Pacific coast town of Monterico and beside the mosquitos at night it has been wonderful. Tonight is my last night here and it has been both tranquil and fun. I have spent my days on the black volcanic sand beach swimming in the big waves and reading and found two Candians and an Icelander to talk with at night and play cards and a couple locals as well. Yesterday was my adventure day as I woke up before sunrise and took a pole boat tour of the mangrove swamps to see the sunrise, it was amazing and they have these cool four eyed fish similar to a mudskipper. And to top that, I got to release a baby turtle at sunset yesterday, holding it in my hands was one of the most amazing experinces in my life. I took video with my camera and hope it came out well. Today I will relax on the beach and then tomorrow afternoon I head off to Antigua for my last two nights before flying out early on Saturday to return to the US. Love to you all and I wish I could upload my photos but this internet is slow, so I will share with you when I get home! See you soon!