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ss1368’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 10 Dec 2008

Location: Popoyo II / San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

MapSo we took a trip to this break called Ranchos Santana.. it was about a 45 minute walk south from Popoyo .. this was one of the sickest break any of us have ever seen not alone surfed. it was like the newport wedge in california if you know what that is.. like three peeks that form together and absolutly throwwww.. so after some good surf and it being thanksgiving and all and there being no turkeys in Nicaragua we decided to have a nice lobster dinner at our old hotel, El Toro. The next day we all took a boat trip out of Asrillia to a break just north called Playgrounds which is considered to be just like Trestles on pro tour.. It was a pretty sick trip and we were able to get some real solid waves..

So after about two week staying in Popoyo we thought it was time to get moving and head to San Juan for a little socializing and some surf and relaxation.. IT was a pretty cool little town. Very Busy and a big spot to stop for travelers before crossing into the costa rican boarder. We stayed there for three days and it was basically flat and so it was time to get out. So after looking at the swell forcast we saw that Costa Rica would be our best bet to see some surf. So there it is..... Off to Tamarindo!