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ss1368’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 13 Dec 2008

Location: Tamarindo Costa Rica

MapHey all,
So we took off from San Juan Del Sur on a bus to go to the boarder. Our first bus we got on took us to a small town between San Juan and Rivas. The driver basically yelled at us to get off in a place where we had no idea were we where. So after a few encounters with some locals we saw a bus screaming up the road going in the opposit direction. Unconciously we flagged them down and while the bus was still in motion we packed our things on and jumped aboard. Luckily for us it was in fact heading for the boarder, and not to mention no room to sit, about room for two to stand when we had five, and a bus capasity that said 65 when there were about 100+ on board. Non the less we made it to the boarder. The boarder consited of about 300 venders asking for things or to carry your bags. After about two hours we finally made it over the boarder were we needed to catch our next bus that ended up being more packed than the first one. Corey was the first on, so he could get the boards and bags in the back and luckily scott and myself were the last two to get on. So while corey and our English freinds had nice seats in the back, scott and I were lucky to find a square foot each to stand for the 2 hour drive to liberia were we could get our next bus to tamarindo. I fell sleep standing up for the first time and corey fell asleep at a local who he was sitting next to. I didn´t see it but i guess it was pretty halarious.
So around 9 we found ourselves in Tamarindo. By far the most Americanized place we visisted so far. A really nice vacation and tourist destination in Costa Rica with shopping, supermarkets, nice hotels and resorts, fun party town and some great surf. We all fell asleep right away and woke up at 6 to go surf langosta which is a reef break which was about a 20 min walk from our hotel. Of course because it was our first surf at a new town corey broke his board, which he has done in every new place we have surfed since we have got here. We partied that night which was pretty fun, and still managed to get up and surf the local reef called pica grande. That night we tried to go back to the spot but the locals were not having it. We stayed in Tamarindo for about 6 days surfing everyday and doing our fare share of partying with some British Canadian boys we met. So after our English freinds headed south we decided to do the same three days later with the Canadian boys and some Swedish girls on a shuttle headed for Mal Pias and Santa Teresa. This is Scotts last week so hopfully we will have some good times before he takes off back to the lovely snow and ice of New Hampshire. Pura Vida!