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ss1368’s Travel Diary

Monday, 15 Dec 2008

Location: Mal Pias and Santa Teresa, Costa Rica

MapI have to say the private shuttles are much more enjoyable than the the busses that we have been taking prior to the trip to Mal Pias. So after a nice ride from Tamarindo to Mal Pias we ended up finding a place in Santa Teresa called the Funky Monkey. This place is amazing. Its got it all, cabinas a big main house, bar, a killer pool, and we wake up everymorning looking out over the ocean because our room is a the top of the hill overlooking the water. Pretty sick place for traveling for sure. We woke up early and headed out and what we found was some seriously fun surf. Mal Pias and Santa Teresa basically share one big beach and a main road but just have different names. The entire beach has breaks up and down it so it really spreads out the crowds quite well. So after about three days of surf and sun we decided to cheack out a town called Montezuma to see the waterfalls that they had there. So we all decided to get four wheelers to get over to Montezuma which ended up being epic. We took a route that the rental place didnt tell us about that took us through the jungle passing through some sketchty bridges and rivers. There were some amazing views. So we got to the falls which basically were three seperate pools all connected by three falls about 30 to 40 feet up, which resulted in some pretty amazing views and soem sick rock jumping. After spending the day there we took to four wheelers to cheack out the town and it ended up being a really sick little town with a really cool and laid back vibe. We liked it so much we made reservations because it seemed like the perfect place to spend Christmas.
So we got back from the falls to find out that there is a full moon party at this bar on the beach that night. So we all got together made some food and had a pretty sick time at this party. Overall, probably the best day we have had yet thus far. We are still in Santa Teresa and should be here till about the 20th then we are off to Montezuma! We will continue to keep in touch, miss you all but not the cold!