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Fee’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 10 Jan 2009

Location: Vancouver, Canada

MapHi Everyone.

Today was my very first Curling Bonspiel experience! Jenny, Robyn, Leith and I entered a team into a local competition as the Tasmanian Mafia (we were named "The Rolling Stones" but unfortunately so was another team).

The tournament started with a round robin, where we played 3 games with 4 ends each (or 1 hour play, whichever came first). It's a little like lawn bowls, where you count up points based on who's got their rock closest to the jack, but instead of a jack, there's a zone marked out on the ice that you're aiming for.

Although the sweeping was a little more intense than I first suspected (thanks for the heads up, Uncle John!), we somehow managed to win our first game! I think there were a few beginners in the bonspiel...

Getting the weight of pushing the rock to the other end right was a little difficult, especially after a couple of beers, but we didn't do too badly. I certainly improved as the night progressed. We lost our second game, but won our third game in a nail-biting 4th end which put us in division 1 for the finals.

We were one point clear with our opposition sending down their very last rock of the knock-out final, which thumped our rock out of the way and sent the Tasmanian Mafia out of the competition.

I'm also going in a curling competition next weekend, so I'll see if I can put to use the new-found skills that I have!

xoxo love Fee