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Fee’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 18 Jan 2009

Location: Vancouver, Canada

MapHi again,

Last week and the weekend just gone were pretty busy! We had dodgeball again on Wednesday which was fun, but highly unsuccessful. We were off to a flying start, winning the first game, and suspecting that our first dodgeball win was upon us. Unfortunately our opposition (Hot Shot in the Face) won the next 11 games, putting us on the back foot. We won one more game for the night and the all in challenge but it wasn't quite enough and we went down about 20-3 (I stopped counting and I think the judge did too).

Thursday I had dance class again. We added a few steps to the first few combinations, so my dance routine is taking shape nicely! It won't be long before I'm dancing in film clips with K-Fed, I'm sure.

Friday night was pretty quiet. I went out for dinner with Christine (also from the Hobart office), 3 of our new work friends from the Cape Town office and a guy from Vancouver.

On Saturday, Christine and I went to a Donald Trump Institute seminar to teach us how to get rich. We picked up a few handy hints about investing in Real Estate and Tax Liens so we should be rich before we know it! Saturday afternoon I went in another curling bonspiel. This was mainly with work people and friends of work people, so was a bit of fun. My good form carried over to this week (2010 Winter Olympics here I come!) though the Sweeping Beauties as we were known lost the Pool B final in a nail biting fifth end.

Today I went to Cypress Mountain to check out the Snow Tubing (along with half of Vancouver). We caught a bus up the mountain and the views on the way up were sensational. The entire city of Vancouver has been covered in a really heavy fog for a week or so (it's so bad I sometimes can't see the building across the road) but the attractions at Cypress were well above the fog level. The city looked pretty cool with just the high-rises poking out of the fog and it was a really warm, sunny, clear day up the top of the mountain. The snow tubing was pretty fun, they let you go down with a bunch of people which is good because the tubes go faster, but the line ups were really long and quite slow, so that was a shame.

Back to work tomorrow, which will be good to help me recover from my busy weekend and prepare myself for Disneyland next weekend!

Love Fee