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Fee’s Travel Diary

Monday, 30 Mar 2009

Location: Heathrow, UK

MapHi everyone!

It's been another delay between posts, but as I am trying to kill a little time at Heathrow before I fly out to Dublin, I thought I should catch up on my stories...

I tried my hand at skiing one weekend, and failed quite dismally. Christine, Xavier, Leith and I went up to Whistler for a day on 7 March. We caught a pretty early bus up there, and hired skis/snowboards (skis for me). I'd never skiied before, so Christine taught me the basics of stopping and turning. I didn't quite grasp the stopping, but decided to hit a proper ski run regardless. On my way down, I realised that I was out of control, and had to plant my butt in the snow to avoid careering all the way down the mountain, taking out people and wildlife on my way. After that, I rode a lot of gondolas for the day from place to place... Still it was a fun day, and as Whistler is where some of the 2010 Winter Olympics will be held, it's nice to have been there.

I hired a car one weekend and drove to the outer suburbs of Vancouver with Jenny and Robyn. I think I did pretty well to only get one angry shake of the fist when I failed to keep right unless overtaking, and probably only one honk of the horn. Not a bad effort for my first time driving on the wrong side of the road and in another country. :)

Jenny, Christine and I went to the Lady Gaga concert one Wednesday night which was a bit of fun. Leith, Christine, Xavier and I went to a second ice hockey game a couple of weeks ago where the Canucks managed a win after a less-than-convincing start which was good. We also went to our favourite Irish pub for St Patrick’s Day with Jenny, Robyn, Adam and Sarah.

The weekend before my last week of work (20-22 March) Christine, Xavier, Jenny, Adam and I all went to Las Vegas for a couple of nights. We arrived on Friday night to about 28 degrees which was more than welcome after the high temperatures of 10 we’ve been experiencing in Vancouver. While in Vegas, we tried our hand at Roulette where I won $35 after betting $1 on number 12, Christine wasn’t so fortunate and decided to quit when she was down $60 before it got worse. We also hit the slot machines (Icame out $10.40 ahead on these – just chipping away to eventually send the casinos broke). On Saturday night we went to a Cirque de Soleil show. Christine, Xavier, Adam and I went to the Stratosphere lookout tower which had amazing views of Las Vegas. There are also a few rides on the top of the tower (110 stories up in the air) which Christine and I tried out. It was no Disneyland, but was fun all the same.

Sadly, our dodge ball days are now over. We managed to win 2 games in the season (against the same team – doesn’t say too much for their skills) before we made it to the playoffs. In the first round of the playoffs we were up against a team that thrashed us a few weeks earlier. Not sure if it was the vast improvement in our dodging skills or the drinks that we had before the game, but we managed to win and make it through to the semi-finals. The high of our win was brought down by the fact that Jenny landed awkwardly after a pretty spectacular dodge-and-throw combination and fractured her ankle. The semi-final and the grand final were played the following week. We faced-off against the number 1 team in the semis and although they were far better than us, we put up an awesome fight, and managed to lose by only 2 points!!

So, now it's off to Ireland for 7 nights (would have been 8 if I hadn't missed my flight on 28 March...) where I am going to hire a car and travel from Dublin in a loop back to Dublin to check out the sights.

I'll post photos when I can, but this computer doesn't seem to have the capabilities... Can't complain too much when it's free internet at Heathrow though, can I?

Bye! Love Fee