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Kate’s Travel Diary

Friday, 22 Oct 2010

Location: Paraty, Brazil

MapOla from Paraty! After three nights on idyllic Ilha Grande we finally have reliable web access (I didn't miss it). This will be a brief entry as we are just about to head off for a group dinner.

Ilha Grande ("island big") was spectacular, with impressive mountains and beautiful beaches. We had two full days on the island. The first day we went on a caparinha cruise - caparinhas are the national drink of Brazil made from cachaça, lime, lots of sugar and ice. Gladly there was lots of swimming, snorkelling and a delicious lunch to keep us busy between drinks and I finished the day reasonably sober (unlike some others).

On our second day at Ilha Grande we walked 2.5 hours to Lopes Mendez, which has often won competitions as the most beautiful beach in the world. The weather conspired against us, it was boiling hot for the walk and then came over cloudy and cold when we arrived at the beach. I can see that it would be beautiful on a sunny day, but in those conditions didn't rival Australian beaches.

Today we travelled to Paraty by catamaran and bus. We've arrived at the hotel where there are two other groups with the same tour company GAP. Apparently we are organising a beach party together tomorrow.

I'm having a great time, enjoying the company of the group and getting along with pretty much everyone (though I'm not so much of a party animal as most). Our tour guide Maru is great and very helpful.

More later... love to all...