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Kate’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 24 Oct 2010

Location: Paraty, Brazil

MapI had an amazing few days in Paraty which is a pretty, typically touristy but tasteful beachside town. The whole of the old town is beautiful buildings painted in white with coloured doorways. Apparently all of those building were built by, and housed, slaves. Today they are a money making machine with lots of crafty shops. There is lots of competition - all of the boat owners have painted their boats in bright colours to try and attract the tourist dollar.

The highlight of the few days here was the jeep tour. Rob (from England) was highly excited that we were using LandRovers, though we didn´t actually to any 4WDing. I was the only woman from our group who went, which was actually quite a nice change (a few of the people in our tour group are quite certain that the ´girls´and ´guys´should socialise separately and do gender appropriate activities only). We started with a visit to a waterfall where there were rock jumps and swimming in the freezing water. Next was a rope swing waterhole, then to the cachaça distillery to try fig, pineapple and chocolate cachaça. We had an awesome banquet lunch of local foods, and I finally got to try fejoida - the local Saturday dish of rice, beans and pork. The day finished at an awesome natural waterslide where those locals with no regard for their personal safety jumped and slid on their feet (I went down on my bum and still managed to get a little bit of air).

Sunday night is the 14 hour nightbus trip to Iguassu Falls...