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Kate’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 26 Oct 2010

Location: IGUASSU FALLS!!!, Brazil

MapAMAZING!! There is no way I can describe how beautiful and inspiring Iguassu was.

On our first day we visited the Brazilian side of the falls, from which you get the panoramic overview of the whole thing. The walk is designed so that each lookout is more spectacular than the last and finally you get to walk out above the river and be sprayed by the falls.

A group of us visited the bird park which was an awesome experience - having huge tropical parrots squawking around your ears is deafening but really wonderful. They had tropical birds from around the world, even a cassowary, but the highlight for me was the toucans and parrots. Toby was terrified but kept trying to get photos near the parrots, Dario was trying to catch the birds, Maru (our tour leader) was characteristically awestruck with the whole thing.

The following day we crossed the border into Argentina to experience the other side of the falls. We caught a speedboat up the river right into the base of some of the smaller falls - exhilarating, very loud and wet. I really can´t approach an explanation of how beautiful the whole thing was, but each lookout seemed more wonderful and each set of falls larger. We had perfect blue skies and most people spent their time trying to capture the perfect picture of the falls (impossible). With the spring weather there were butterflies everywhere, and nesting swallows darting in and around the falls and the mudbanks (death defying place to nest!).

We ended at the Devil´s Throat (Garganta del Diablo) which was the most amazing thing I have ever seen. Seriously. Even the more superficial members of the group shut up and stared. It is a place to make you reflect, and certainly has an amazing energy. I wish I had a photographic memory.

That night we had a party at our hotel, mixed capirinhas and relaxed. I ended up with a hell of a hangover the next day - cachaça is the key ingredient and isn´t known for it´s purity. I wasn´t in the best condition to visit Paraguay the next morning (Brazil, Argentina and Paraguary only a few kilometres from the falls). We went shopping at the markets to stay busy until the nightbus to Uruguay that afternoon. Four countries in less than 24 hours.