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LesandWhit’s Travel Diary

Friday, 20 Feb 2009

Location: Los Angeles, USA

MapGreetings from sunny California :) We arrived safely and on time Wednesday evening and have been greeted with PERFECT weather. Yesterday it was 70 and not a single cloud in the sky all day. Today is the same and promises to continue through the weekend. Whitney's friend Kate who we stayed with Wednesday and last night lives 2 blocks from Redondo Beach and we LOVE it. Great little beach town with lots of shops and incredible views. Yesterday Kate was nice enough to lend us her car (thank god we had a GPS) and we ventured over to Santa Monica for the afternoon. Amazing beach and great shopping (although we had to restrain ourselves). On the way home drove through Venice beach and took an amazing drive through the Palos Verdes Estates last night at sunset. For any of you Laguna Beach fans, standing at the top of the hill, looking out over the houses on the cliffs looked exactly like those neighborhoods. Today we drove into Hollywood and did the whole Rodeo Drive/ Beverly Hills/ Hollywood Blvd. ordeal. Naturally Beverly Hills was amazing and I saw more Ferrari's, Masseratis, etc. than ever before! Hollywood was definitely something to see but we were not too impressed, very built up and not anything special. Glad we saw it though!! Tonight we were with our friend on Manhattan Beach and we head out sunday morning for Tokyo!! so far so good!! See you in Japan :)