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LesandWhit’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 26 Feb 2009

Location: Tokyo, Japan

MapAnother day in the books...and we checked off quite a bit! Yesterday we spent the day in a section of the city called Ueno. We walked around Ueno park, which is absolutely massive, and inside were tons of little shrines and temples. It was really awesome to see. One shrine had a flame that has been lit since's in memory of the atomic bombs that were dropped and to vow to never use nuclear weapons again. It was pretty intense. After our walk through the shrines we went to the Tokyo National museum...we learned a lot about some of the history here in Asia, which was great to do.

So onto our highlight of our entire trip thus far! We met up with one of Leslie's friends that lives here in Tokyo. We started our night at a place called Memory about one of the craziest experiences of our lives! It's this incredibly tiny alley that is lined with tons of restaurants that are so small only about 10 people can fit! Also, the seating areas were so small that we felt like GIANTS in there! Legit I felt like I was sitting at a toddlers chair and table! And you would be proud, we both sampled all the fare...well ALMOST all!!! haha After dinner we went to another alley of bars called the Golden's a section of bars that has not been touched since WW11!!! Again, it's this tiny alley with tiny bars, that max fit 8 people! And many places don't even allow foreigners in them, so it was awesome to be with Leslie's friend so that we could experience something so cultural! AWESOME experience. After our saki in Golden Gai we went to Maddo Lounge, which is this ultra chic lounge on the 52nd floor of the Tokyo Building. We had cocktails overlooking the entire city...and man, this city is HUGE! So needless to say, we had an amazing night and definitely the highlight of our trip thus far!!!