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LesandWhit’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 03 Mar 2009

Location: Thailand

Maphey everyone!! so i legit just spent 45 min writing a massive update and it didn't post for some reason :( not going to re-type everything now but i just want you all to know that we are SAFE and having the most incredible experience ever! Bangkok was sheer craziness and we almost died a few times trying to cross 7 lanes of traffic with NO crosswalks. not okay but we have not gotten sick at all from the food and let me tell you that we are definitely trying local local food so we are pumped about that!!! took an overnight train on sunday from Bangkok to Chiang Mai (that was interesting to say the least) and spent the day in Chaing Mai doing a 5 hour cycling tour. We went everywhere; countrysides, communities, crowded streets, fields, etc. Oh and I definiely pulled a Leslie move on this tour... I was steering my bike and wanted to take a picture so i reached inside of my pocket to grab it and suddenly a sharp turn was ahead so i attemped to steer the bike with one hand and drove STRAIGHT INTO THE FENCE. Everyone thought i was hurt and some retard for crashing my bike but Whit and I were cracking up b/c well it was funny and totally something that would happen to me. We've seen some amazing temples and got blessed by a monk and were given good luck bracelets which we will both wear until it falls off :) Successfully crossed the border into Laos and stayed in some basic, but lovely places!! Will send an update in the next few days about our experiences in Laos but right now i am off to get an hour long massges for $3. LOVE THIS PLACE!!! miss you all! xoxo