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LesandWhit’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 05 Mar 2009

Location: Laos

MapGreetings from Luang Probang (in Laos). We have been in Laos now for 4 nights and have seen A LOT. First night we stayed in a cute bungaloo that is owned by this man named Armid and he was so cute and loved having us stay with him. I think he shed a tear when we all left because our group is very friendly to the locals. Had my first taste of Beerlao, well more like a dozen but its great and the only beer in this country i think! you can get a 32 oz bottle for less than $1 so it's awesome. Lao people are extremely shy, but so sweet and they really dont see a lot of tourists (except in the main parts like where we are staying now and Vientiane which we fly to tomorrow). The people here are dirt poor and live in huts and have nothing, and it's truly opened our eyes being here b/c so many still have smiles on their faces. Whitney and I will never bitch again about the small stuff b/c these people legit have nothing. We boarded a boat and went down the Mekong River for 2 days which was very relaxing and just looking out at the scenery was breathtaking. We visited a local village for 30 min and I have never ever ever seen anyone more poor in my entire life. The parents couldn't even afford to put clothing on their children and they had no school, no medicine, NOTHING. It changed our life and Whit and I almost missed the boat b/c we were loving these 2 little village girls who were fascinated with Whitney's headband and the fact that they could see themselves on our digital cameras :) We arrived in Luang Prabang 2 days ago and this is our favorite so far! More civilized (b/c we have electricity and running water) and there are great shops, markets and restaurants. Last night we found this great bar that had 2 for 1 drinks ALL NIGHT. I think we both had like 8 drinks, shots and dinner and it was like $12! We made lots of new friends last night, met 2 guys who have been traveling for a year on their own and it just amazes me how many people just take off and travel. Makes us feel like we are not doing enough!! Anyways, Everything is dirt cheap here, we feel like rockstars :) Had a 90 min massage yesterday which i think came out to be $6. This morning we road elephants through the jungle and Whit and I both got to sit on the necks of them!!! We walked through water and it was the coolest thing ever. We are headed back out now to go to some temples, and tomorrow we have a 1 hour flight to the capital of Laos called Vientiane. Will write again in a few days!! Sawaidee!