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LesandWhit’s Travel Diary

Friday, 13 Mar 2009

Location: Vietnam

MapSin chow! (thats hello in vietnam). We are currently in the crazy capital of Hanoi and it's definitely a huge change from quiet Laos.

Since our last post we have finished up our adventures in Laos, and now onto the hussle and bustle in Vietnam. Before hitting the boarder we did a homestay in a local Lao would not believe where we stayed. We legit were thrown into the village life, from eating with them, to playing with the children, to sleeping on mats on the floor with a mosquito net, we did it all. Talk about an experience. It was definitely the most I have ever been outside of my comfort zone, but for sure an experience I'm glad I had and will forever remember.

After our homestay we crossed the border, all went great except for one departure card didn't get stamped and I had all these Vietnamese soldiers yelling things I couldn't understand. Of course out of everyone it had to be me. But all went okay in the end, so that's good! But that was definitely a time I was so thankful to have a tour guide with me.

So the first impression of Vietnam is that it's absolutely CRAZY!!! You would not believe how wacko they drive over here. Ready for this stat - more people die in one year on the roads than they did in the ENTIRE Vietnam War. How INSANE is that? So that should give you an idea of how crazy and scary the roads are!!! Les and I legit spent the first day yelling every time we crossed a road or a motor bike sped towards us.

2 days ago we boarded a beautiful boat and set out to Halong Bay which is one of the new voted 7 natural wonders of the world. Amazingly beautiful and we went into these massive limestone caves. We slept on the boat which was actually really nice and the crew cooked us up a storm of local seafood :) We arrived in Hanoi yesterday afternoon and just have been bopping around the area seeing the sights. Today we saw the preserved body of Ho Chi Minh in the masoleum, his residence estate and a literature school that was built in like 1026. So cool. The weater is perfect here today so we will enjoy some more outdoor activities this evening :) Tomorrow we board an overnight train to Hue so that should be interesting. We are having the best time, staying safe and both healthy (except we both have a little cold, but not too bad). Sorry we can't post pics, but we aren't allowed to download pics on the computers so you will all just have to wait until May!!

Ok so I have to ask - beantown sports updates?????