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LesandWhit’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 11 Apr 2009

Location: London, Paris, Lyon, Europe

Maphello from europe!! sorry we haven't updated this in a week but it's been INSANELY busy for us and internet availability for some reason is limited here. Anyways after 36 hours of travelling from our paradise island in Thailand we arrived in London late Friday morning! Whit's dad and uncle met us and it was so much fun to tour around the city with them, go to a few different pubs everyday (whit's dad loves his beer!!) and see familiar faces :) We had beautiful weather in london which was a treat and saw all the sights; Big Ben, Parliament, South Bank, changing of the guards at Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey, Soho, Notting Hill; you name it!! We were very impressed with London and appreciated the Western food and the fact that we could drink tap water! We met up with our MASSIVE tour group of 48! We have quite the group and everyone is really fun and looking to have a good time. I think half of our tour group is from Australia so you know how much they love to party! We went to Paris the 2nd day and LOVED it. lets talk about the most beautiful city i've ever seen. Truly breathtaking and Whit and I ate our way though the day snacking on chocolate crossiants and each carrying our own loaf of bread and cheese around. Best bread ever! Notre Dame catherdral was my fave, well other than the Eiffle Tour at night. It was so beautiful and definitely a place to go back to.

We made our way from Paris to the Beaujouis Wine Region in Lyon and stayed in the middle of a small French village in our very own Chateau!! It was so so beautiful and we were given picnic lunches of wine, cheese, bread and chocolate and hiked our way to "The top of the world" and ate our food and lay in the grassy hills. We had perfect weather as well and it was warm enough to wear shorts and t-shirts. Really got the experience of being in a remote french village! Today we arrived in Barcelona and will tour around the city tomorrow on Easter.... Tonight we are all going out to a club that apparently doesn't really open until 2 am!! Should be an interesting night :) Hope spring is in bloom at home as much as it is here! Everything is so green and all the flowers are in full bloom so it's great!!

Love and miss you all, will write again in a few days. ADIOS!