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LesandWhit’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 16 Apr 2009

Location: Italy, Europe

MapGreetings from Italy!

Since Les last wrote we have have been VERY busy...this tour is absolutely non stop, and every day is flat out. But we are seeing SO MUCH, and loving it all!

Since Les last wrote we have done Barcelona, the French Riviera, and we crossed the border yesterday into Italy and are currently in Florence. Barcelona was a blast, and our night out was pretty crazy...we didnt get home until 6am! The bars and clubs dont get started until like 2am there, definitely not what we are used to! But we had a blast, lots of dancing and we even learned how to do some salsa and the ramba, so that was fun! Then on only 2 hours of sleep for the next day we toured the entire city. We even went to Easter Mass (forgot to mention that is where we were for Easter) in the massive and historic Barcelona Cathedral. It was so cool to experience. Our favorite part was the gothic quarter, full of really old buildings and awesome architecture. Then that evening we saw an authentic Flamingo show, which was really fun!

The French Riviera was more than amazing...we visited the incredible town of Nice and spent the afternoon walking along beautiful turquoise waters of the Mediterranean and taking in the sunshine in the historic part of town...filled with tiny little side streets that had so much charm. We did a small hike up a mountain and were able to see the entire city and beachfront...amazing! That night we went to Monaco...we got to see the exact raceway that they drive for the Grand Prix! We also saw the famous casino of Monte about seeing some sweet ass cars! For all you car fans, you would have been in heaven.

So far Italy has been great...Florence is beautiful and again, the history that you see every which way you look is just mind blowing. It is like stepping back into time. Today we did a bunch of sight seeing, taking in all the Renassaince charm. This evening we are going to indulge in a full out Italian dinner, where we paid one set price and get as much wine, limoncello, and food that we want...YUM!!!

I hope all is well back home...we miss you and think of you lots!