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LesandWhit’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 25 Apr 2009

Location: Austrial Alps, Austria

MapGreetings from Austria!

So I just quickly read where I last left off, and there is so much to update you all on! I don't even know where to begin. We move at warp speed on this tour!

After Florence we have done Rome, Venice, Munich, Vienna, and now currently in the Austrian Alps. I would love to give you a full and detailed description of each place but my internet time is about to expire. :( But in short, Rome was absolutely incredible, I felt like we had stepped back in ancient Roman times. In Munich we went to an authentic Bavarian beer hall and had an absolute blast. Today we did a mountain bike tour through the Austrian Alps, which was absolutely gorgeous and the scenary just blew me away.

Europe is incredible...Les and I have loved every place we have been and only wish we could spend longer in each place. We only have one week left and can't believe it's almost over!

I hope all is well back at home! xoxo