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Tony''s Tracks’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 27 Jan 2009

Location: Kata Beach, Thailand

MapI believe its about the 26th of January just about everywhere. It's the year I'm not to sure about.
Arrived in Bangkok feeling great but then spent the next 4 days trying to discover which way was up. Didn't do any tours I just chilled--if you can chill at my age--.Nothing of great importance happened in Bangkok ..decided they were doing quite well without me so I decided to venture further afeld. Halfway to the airport to catch a flight to Phuket I realized I had left my laptop with Reception at the De Moc hotel. The next 1 and a half hours were a joke. I told my taxi driver 3 or 4 times what I had done before he understood. He then took the matter in hand--phoning the hotel on his mobile and planning out a rescue package. He phoned a taxi driver friend to pick it up from the hotel...the hotel, reluctant to hand my laptop over to a cabbie insisted a member of staff should accompany it to the airport where we had by now arrived. I checked my luggage through and went back outside to wait with the cabbie---he weas very good, he kept phoning his friend and reporting back that he was just 10 minutes away...This went on for almost an hour before taxi, driver ,laptop, and girl from the hotel arrived. I GROVELED LIKE I was born to it and paid all the taxi ares and rushed for the plane...well hurried if not rushed
I'll try and catch up tomorrow. Gawd it's hot!!! Saw a most unusual sight Yesterday....a cloud!!!!! eat your hearts out