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Tony''s Tracks’s Travel Diary

Monday, 20 Apr 2009

Location: Whitsunday, Australia

MapWell I finally got it all on to the internet I hope you enjoy reading it more than I enjoyed living it. Don't get me wrong I've warmed to OZ it's QANTAS that is giving me most of the static....I got Brisbane on the overnight train thinking I would see some of the country.HAH!!!!! By about 6:30 pm it was like the bloody blinds had been pulled down and they weren't opened until 6:00 in the morning...lovely compartment all to myself but I wouldn't do it again. Sitting around the railroad station at 6 in the morning is not fun. The weather was good but there is so much of it!!! The thought of dragging my butt around Brisbane with my bags in tandem is not a good thing to think about early in the morning. I asked about hiring a car and in another hour I was in one doing the double circle of Brisbane before finding out I was going in the wrong bloody direction!!!! I blame it on the country being upside down---before I go on when you see me ask me about this as I have been trying for days to think of a way to put this into words. As I was sitting on a rock outside the station I heard a voice sayFound a place to smke eh. and on he went in well modulated voice how pissed he was at these people trying to tell him where he could or could not smoke. That was the start. I have no idea about the truth of what he went on to say. HE WAS A CAPTAIN IN THE aIR fORCE AND A FORMER Vietnam war here who won a DFC and was paid 75,000 AUD per year because of it. and he was up to lecture at a nearby Airbase and how he made millions by flying into Russia and buying things for 4,000 AUD and selling for 71/2 million Aud. And he was travelling with his lady friend THE DAME, the only medical dame in Australia. He pointed her out sort stumbling around the coffee shop and my jaw fell...Honest to God she looked like a bag lady. More like dame Edna without the glitter.I'll continue this later I've got some emails to reply to.