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Jenn’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 22 Jan 2009

Location: Sydney, Australia

MapWell folks whilst I thought I had the jet lag beaten, I am sorely mistaken! In a rather valiant attempt to convince my body the time on my watch was correct I took myself out for a walk last night with the intention of finding where my bus should leave from this morning Needles to say and true to form, I got incredibly lost and have no idea where I ended up! (lovely city though!) I did however find a pretty impressive looking submarine (pic attached) so by using my incredible powers of deduction, I presume I was on Darling Harbour! Despite this, I then walked around the corner and over a bridge and found my hotel within a 3 minute walk – should I mention it took almost an hour to get to the harbour? No, probably not! Still didn’t find the bus stop though!

And to all those people who said I wouldn’t come across spiders, my response to you is you’re a bunch of big rotten liars! (yes I mean you Noel and Paul!) The picture uploaded was hanging right in front of me as I rounded a corner, I forced myself to back away as much as the camera would allow on zoom and then take a picture and RUN just to prove my point!!! And this one did wink at me! I must admit I was rather proud of myself for not screaming however the incessant scratching was starting to freak out the strangers next to me as was examining every tree I had to walk under before getting to it and then running under or past it, which ever was easiest!

I did however find the bus stop this morning, and managed to get on the correct bus was feeling rather smug and thinking “aren’t I great! Look at me navigating Sydney all by myself”. This positive attitude swiftly came to a halt when I walked in circles for around 30 minutes once I got off the bus, ended up hailing a cab and found out that I was only round the corner in the first direction I took! Never do I claim my navigational skills to be one of my talents! I think they need a spawell!! Ha ha!