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Jenn’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 28 Jan 2009

Location: Sydney, Australia

MapIs it possible to melt? I mean a human, is it possible for us to melt? I think Iím melting.

Managed to get lost again today, is there a gene built into woman to confuse the neurological path between the map sensors and the feet? In fact I wonít say I got lost, nope, I found a new way to get where I was going! A significantly longer way, but a new way all the same! (have a stock of plasters now for the blisters Ė see, know your limitations and embrace them!)

You would think that all this walking in circles and doing it in sweltering heat would assist my body in shedding a few pounds Ė doesnít appear to be! Must be the mean Scottish blood in me refusing to let anything get away. In fact Noel, this must be the reason I refuse to throw out clothes, books, shoes, handbags, anything! Not because Iím obsessive, Iím Scottish, itís in my blood Ė see you can stop nagging now!! ;o)

Thank you for all the messages, I enjoy reading them Ė get quite excited when they come through actually!

No new pictures for you today, itís work through the day and con calls in the evenings and thatís pretty much how itís looking until I finish up this project (fingers crossed) Saturday afternoon.