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Jenn’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 12 Feb 2009

Location: Brisbane, Australia

MapYou guys could have told me about the speed cameras and cops!!! Sleepy head was snoring and I was driving back from Hervey Bay to Brisbane, getting very bored - so had a game of cat and mouse with a guy driving a black something or other, and only seen the cop in time to see him wagging his finger at me.... Of all the places - I go and get caught in Australia!!!

Had my excuses worked out

1. My contacts are drying out and I didn't see you in time to slow down.
2. In Ireland we get a 40% contingency
3. I think I dropped something!!

Anyway, it's our last day in Brisbane. Am ready to come home now, this place is fabulous, but your NEVER dry!!! We're heading back to Syndey for a couple of days now to Coogee Beach and then we're flying back so this is likely to be the last time on the page before we're home!

Miss you all - see you soon. Paul - don't forget to bring me a jumper!!! Thanks a mill!