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Sue Yeo’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 31 Jan 2009

Location: Nagpur, India

MapMe Again!
Doing a bit of shopping for cooler clothes and came across another internet cafe. Jenny and Shakyajata have gone back to the ranch, while Nealey (another teacher) and I are here contacting 'home'. Can't believe it's January. So HOT. Can't believe I'm in India at times. Then we vemture out of Nagaloka and our senses are bombarded by EVERTHING -noise, colour, auto-rickshaws, cows, goats in living rooms, Shiva devotees dancing down the street and US! Love it. As Arnee says, "I'll be back!"
The people here are very playful which as you can guess suits my sensibilities!!! Been here over 2 weeks already. Incredible. Broke the diet of porridge and curry (not together) this lunchtime by going for a pizza! Lots of chilli on it! Was nice having dough. Missing bread of all things.
Start teaching a different class later next week. Watch this space. Actually the students are so grateful for what ever we do with them that it should be O.K.!?!
Nagaloka, the Centre where we are livinf and teaching is a little haven. We get up around 6.30am and meditate before breakfast. The 2 shrine rooms are beautiful, and there is the noise of the ciy and birds in the background. Wonderful. Feel more relaxed than I thought I would. Jenny is lving it, too.
Will write again soon?
Much Love,
Sue x.