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Sue Yeo’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 07 Feb 2009

Location: Nagaloka

MapGreetings! Can't believe we are into our fouth week away! Doesn't time fly when you are having fun! I'm doing this in my room on Shakyajata's lap top. Great that we don't need to travel to a cafe as it's HOT, and even hotter in town. Probaly around mid 30's. Lucky, eh? Rumour has it that it's snowing back home!? Can't believe it. Trying to get my head around it being February is weird.
Well, what have we been up to? Monday evening Jenny and I went to a village near here with Achala, an Order Member from New Zealand, and another teacher, Nealey, from London. We were treated as honoured guests and people were literally touching our feet! Very humbling experience. We were given one of the best Indian meals I've ever tasted, and the food kept coming and coming! The deserts were orgasmic (trust me!) We then were part of a candle lit procession through the streets to the equivalent of a village hall which was PACKED with women and children ( the men sit outside) where Achala gave a talk. Lots and lots of photos were taken, then people wanted autographs, then more photos! To cap it off two days later a photo of us was in one of the local papers! Fame or what!
Teaching has been quite an experience. The students are lovely and very playful (one or two more playful than the others1). LOTS of tales there too numerous to mention. I did nearly deck Ramesh! But we are best of friends now.
Life here is very simple. Meditate before breakfast, teach, lunch, crash out/ do washing,prepare for next day, dinner, maybe have an evening meeting or visit or puja (in Shrine room). Some of these events turn out to be very amusing, or boring, but keeps us on our toes.
Jenny and I ventured out on our own today! Old hands now. Flag down a bus, get stared at (not many Westerners in Nagpur), then set about shopping. The people are FAB. No hassle so far. Very interested in us. Went to buy Jenny some flip-flops and were given a cup of tea. Brill.
Will be moving on from here on Thursday to start our pilgrimage. We are both girding our loins as it will be sad to leave the lovely friends we have made, but we are both keen to return.
Probably write when up North.
Watch this space!
Love Sue and Jenny x.