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Wanderlust cured’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 14 Jan 2009

Location: Banff, Canada

MapHello again everyone

I thought it best to have a blog for those without facebook to keep updated on travels, I will update facebook when there is a new blog, otherwise save the link I sent in the email and you can check in on my travels at your viewing leisure :) (For those who missed the first email, I have added a copy to my blog).

Ok, so my days in Vancouver were numbered, the sun shone for all of 2 hours of my week long adventure there and missing the Australian sunshine saw me longing for the slopes of the Rocky Mountains - if its going to be cold and snowing, I may as well be carving it up. First I had to get there...

13 hours by the Greyhound bus was booked overnight as I started thinking like a traveller and getting out of paying for a hostel for the night 6:45pm - 8:45am. I scored the backseat of the bus, so I spread out over my three chairs feeling pity on those who had the squish of normal bus seats. My three seats were accompanied by the bus toilet, so once I got used to the smell of wee, the exceptional roar of the bus engine below lulled me off to sleep at 1am!

My intermittent periods of unrest I stared out the dark windows of the bus and watched the snow and mountains increased. I even past a business called "Lubeworld"...might go there on my way back and check it out ;)

When I awoke, what my eyes and brain was about to experience could not have been created in my dreams or any travel book. The Rocky Mountains spread as far as I could see, with pine trees lining the sides as far up as they could grow, above that, the jagged rocks jutted out as the sun starting coming up to illuminate the white powder all around. It was breathtaking. My only wish is that I get a job soon so I can earn the $ to be able to get out and walk/ski/ride those mountains as often as possible.

I spent the day in Banff today with the Mountains looking over the township - the people that live here know how lucky they are. There are so many people looking for work here, so Im doing my best to stand out. I will head across to Canmore (the next town over) to take a look there also. There are so many Australians travelling here...its just like being at home!

Banff`s current forcast for the next 4 days. BALMY!

-6° | 0°Wed
-9° | 3°Thu
-9° | 2°Fri
-6° | 2°

Actually these temps are great, the locals call it mild and I would tend to agree, last week saw temps of -20, heres hoping I am working in some nice heated place by that stage.

Getting off the bus this morning and walking into a town I had never been before, giant backpack on my back, not knowing what to do, no work, no accomodation, no friends had me overwhelmed. I soon found a quiet hostel (after my last hostel experience im pretty selective, 3 am renovations and belt sanders - no thanks!) I made some friends at the hostel and went into town to look for a job, problem solved!

I will post some photos up in the next few days, I need to find work and then have some leisure time.

Take care and would love to hear from you on my page :)

Rachi J