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Wanderlust cured’s Travel Diary

Friday, 16 Jan 2009

Location: Canmore & Banff, Canada

MapLeft crazy Banff for Canmore on wednesday to have my second couchsurfing experience. Little did I know that I was to live in the lap of luxury for the next two days. My "couch" was my own room with queen size bed and bathroom. The family treated me like a guest. James, Louise and Mike took me in and made me feel like I was at home. I made my succulent chicken parma for dinner for them and they were full of compliments. Maxie their furry family was even keen (arent most dogs!). Louise took me out for lunch today and saw me off on the bus back to Banff. Canadians are just so friendly!

I gave my stunning resume out to all the law firms in Canmore but employment is tight at the moment, so will try again next week pounding the pavement with my resume. I really like Canmore, its a very sweet little community.

Last night I was taken out for a beer with some Tassie connections and was offered a room to stay in and housesitting for 2 weeks, so I even have long term accomodation if I need it. I really have no idea what to do...I could keep travelling...trying to get work where I can...or I could plonk myself down and explore the rockies and ski fields further. Decisions, decisions.

I have added some new photos of my first true locals which I crossed paths with near my hostel. I probably shouldnt have got so close as my room mate told me Elk are seriously aggresive! My biggest worry at this time of year is cougars as the bears are in hibernation...hard enjoying the scenery when your constantly looking over your shoulder. Louise my mum host for couchsurfing told me some horror stories about bears & cougar and suggested I always go out in groups. At least the dangerous animals in Australia are snakes & spiders and you can walk away...bears & cougars run much faster than I can.

Some of the photos I have taken are just walking to get into town in Canmore and around my hostel in Banff. The other day when I was handing out my resume I walked the entire way in the crisp snow, even though the path was cleared of snow, the novelty of snow hasnt worn off yet - Im hoping that it wont either.

So tomorrow sees me taking an icewalk with frozen waterfalls and the next day I will have my first go at carving the slopes of the rockies. Definately hanging out for that!

Enjoy the photos and will write again soon XX