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Wanderlust cured’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 18 Jan 2009

Location: Lake Louise, Canada

MapI realised that having eyes at the front of my head was no longer to my advantage. The evolution of deer and elk having their eyes on the side of their heads to look out for predators now seemed a much better idea as I strolled alone through the Banff National Park near where I was staying. I got home safe and I tried to stay close to the deer that were hanging around hoping that they looked much tastier than I did.

Yesterday I went on a guided tour of Johnsons Canyon called an “icewalk”. As you can see from the photos it was early morning and the sun had not risen over the mountains to light the gorge, so the photos lack the illumination that I found makes snow sparkle like glitter. Throughout the walk was frozen waterfalls with the water still running underneath the sheets of frozen water which looked like warped glass. At the end of the walk we were rewarded with a group doing some ice-climbing up one of the waterfalls and also the hot chocolate that Alex (the tour guide) made, it was second to none!

Today, I forgot about not having a steady income and went up to Lake Louise for a day of skiing. Brilliant blue skys, a bit of powder and runs which at times had nobody else on them. My knees hate me but I had such an awesome day carving the slopes that it was definitely worth it. The hostel here is like a ranch nestled deep in the hinterlands its quiet, big open fire places and lots of exposed wooden beams to add to its character.

I taped myself doing one of the runs today, I will hopefully post it on here, otherwise it will make it onto facebook. My fingers did freeze because the giant gloves had to come off. As I type my pointy finger on my left hand side hasn’t really got much feeling to it and I‘m not sure what frostbite feels like, so hopefully it will all be ok. I hope you enjoy the video purely because of the lengths I went to creating it for you all to enjoy, or it was sheer stupidity – either way I think you will enjoy.

Back to Canmore tomorrow to continue my quest for a stable job...If I can‘t find one, I‘m considering couch surfing my way around Canada – to hell with money. Will keep you updated. XX