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Wanderlust cured’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 21 Jan 2009

Location: Canmore, Canada

MapSo, as most of you know I got a job and a place to live. Little more info for those who would like to know: the house is a little out of town, about 30 mins to walk downtown, $7 cab fare for the -20 degree nights. I have a nice spacious room in a "condo", which is a Canadian name for apartment. I have a jucuzzi :) yeah yeah lucky me!! I am also allowed feel free to come and visit anytime hehe - for those that can afford the flight! My new address is:

161 Wapiti Close
Canmore, Alberta
Canada T1W3B2

My mobile is 403-431-0920 for those who love to waste money on international sms :)

My job is working at a law firm in downtown Canmore, for a small firm. The lawyer is extremely reputable in this small community and is willing to help me along with the Canadian legal system and I will be mainly focusing on family law, real estate, wills, estates and a little criminal. Thank goodness OZ and Canada are both Commonwealth countries :) I start at the beginning of Feb so have a little time to explore and make friends and join community things before then.

Everything is going great for me here, I love it, I have already made some good friends and unless the slippery ice that seems to be everywhere I walk doesnt get me, I should stay safe and well.

Update on weather forcast for next four days (just so you feel a little sorry for me):

-11° | 1° Wed
-20° | -4° Thur
-22° | -14° Fri
-23° | -12° Sat

Ive been told to layer up - this is usual Canadian winter!

Love to you all.

P.S Canadians really do say "ey" alot!