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Wanderlust cured’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 05 Feb 2009

Location: Canmore, Canada

MapHello out there,

I started my first day at my new job after about a week of being bedridden with some dreaded bug that is going around. Im much better than I was, but still look like the walking dead in the mornings. If only the sun would come up a little earlier... Anyway, my new job...interesting, its a challenge and the lawyer mainly focuses on family law which is totally depressing, so I try to focus more on conveyancing, which in Canada (or Alberta to my knowledge) the banks dont have their own legal departments, so the lawyers acting for the purchaser do up their mortgages...each bank is different, so I guess even when I leave there I still wont know much :)

The ladies I work with are classic and its a very casual office, the other day I went in with jeans and t-shirt (a nice one) to see if I had pushed the boundaries...but no, that was ok, I LOVE SMALL TOWNS! haha. Saves me from buying a whole new bunch of clothes just to dump them when I leave. I hate to say it, as its only been 4 days, but Im hanging for my pay check in CAD because the damn currency conversion has been a I am wondering where all my money had gone when $500 meant $650-700 AUD. Be glad when I travel through South America as a hostel is around $7USD - better than $35 in Canada!

Im now housesitting and its nice to have a place to myself. Luke the dog and I went out for a walk yseterday night after work and he is a "pee on everything I smell" kinda dog, so it took us awhile. He is better treated than anybody I know. He gets a run in the morning with one of their friends, and gets taken to work with another friend on other days...he must see me just hanging at home after work and think I am the bad egg! He also has lots of dreams that are loud enough to wake me up with him panting and whimpering, I hope he got the rabbit in the end.

The days are getting warmer here and that scary ice which was threatening to kill me is all mushy now so I can stomp right through. I also got a pushbike lent to me, so its only 10 mins to work in the morning, frozen snot and all :) hehe.

Current weather forcast:

-8° | 6° Thur
-11° | 5° Fri
-9° | 1° Sat
-8° | 1° Sun

I cant believe Im saying that is warm, I must be mad!

Im starting to miss everything and everyone back home, I dream of days going to to beach and walking in shorts...haha, the grass is always greener hey!

I better get off to work, hugs and kisses all around.

I hope everyone is well back home and as I said, missing you all XX