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Wanderlust cured’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 07 Feb 2009

Location: Canmore, Canada

MapI rode home after work on a friday night just as the snow was beginning to lightly fall. I thought nothing of it and went ahead making dinner. Luke wanted to go outside so I let him out into the dark. One bark lets me know that he is ready to come back inside and when he did he was covered in about 1cm of snow! In 1 hour 15-20cm of snow had fallen. Rain has an aggressive strength about it when it falls, but snow has a romantic way of floating down and settling lightly on whatever is beneath it. I looked out onto the streets and it can only be described as magic; the snow had given everything new life, everything was untouched. The streets not yet driven on, paths not yet walked on, and cars undisturbed under the thick cover of snow.

This morning I awoke to a stunning sunrise and the mountains were yet again covered in the brilliant white which makes even the night time seem light.

Luke and I had to go out and explore so we walked all morning through the streets and the walking paths making new tracks. We even crossed under the highway over a frozen river, which after I was halfway under was to realise that some portions were not so frozen, thank goodness for waterproof shoes and not too deep underpasses!

It is hard to convey the brilliance of here, so I took a few photos. The Three Sisters photo shows how the wind picks up the fresh snow and blows it up into the sunshine. I watched it swirl up into the air for the longest time.

I'm not sure if I have mentioned before about the Rocky Mountains having magnets in them, which is something another new resident to this area believes. I now think that can be the only reason why I have ended up here. Curiosity brought me to Canada, the magnets brought me to Canmore in a glacial valley at the foothills of the Rocky Mountains.

Enjoy the photos and I send my love, hugs and kisses.