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Wanderlust cured’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 12 Feb 2009

Location: Canmore, Canada

MapThe 'cold' returns...

-17° | -2° Thu
-20° | -6° Fri
-21° | -4° Sat
-19° | -3 Sun

I say cold tentatively because I learnt recently that Banff got to
-35 right before christmas, barely imaginable hey.

Recently I have discovered that Canmore is a really dry place in the worst way. Because of the cold everyone drys their clothes in the clothes dryer, being from the land of sunshine & heat Im not used to this. After drying all of my clothes the static build up was enormous, I could barely get the clothes unstuck from each other...then I had to wear them. Apart from the immense amount of dog hair that the clothes attract as if they are sticky tape, my work is now a war field. The "zaps" started on bolts in the photocopier and ended on the metal filing cabinets...Im sure there is an exit hole in my shoes...I hope the long term shocks wont impact badly on my health. To top it off...there are solutions...but my fellow legal assistant was finding it so amusing hearing the zaps and the profanities that she kept it going for a few days! Two solutions; 1. special sheets in the dryer 2. running wet fingers on the inside of your clothes - lets hope my future is less shocking.

I was invited over for a dinner and in the classic Canadian way the dinner guests included 2 Australians, 1 Brit, 1 Frenchwoman and 1 Canadian (1/5), the Candians really do open up their country to the rest of the world...I think they just want to show everyone just how lucky they are to live here. The dinner was classic french style with a fondue type setup where the cheese was put on a triangular spatula and put under heat until it bubbled...then the cheese was dripped over potato and meat and sided with a perfect salad with the perfect salad dressing, sweet, sweet french...thank you for your cheese.

Im heading up to the ski hill this weekend and hanging out for some fresh powder on Sunday. Unfortunately my housesitting finishes this monday (day off for family day - thank you Canada) and I will miss Luke who has been a warm welcome every night I return home from work and a buddy to walk with on the weekend.

Happy Valentines Day everyone - Spread the love. X