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Wanderlust cured’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 17 Feb 2009

Location: Sunshine Village & Canmore, Canada

MapTook a trip up to a local mountain on Sunday and was in love the moment my feet hit the ground off the gondala, snow - sweet fresh powdery snow, everywhere! Its called Sunshine Village and its 40 mins from where I live, hitched a ride up with a lady I work with and hitched a ride back with some new friends that I had planned to meet up there. Spent the first part of the day on the green runs, getting back into the swing of it, and quickly got bored trying to push my way over flat snow. Took off with my friends to do a whole ton of blue runs (and managed a black), up the goats eye quad, to the highest point of sunshine village and the snow fights started, who said grown men and women couldnt snow ball fight ALL day :) I thought it would wear thin for the locals...turns out it hasnt and it was fun watching them pick up snow mid mountain, while snowboarding and chase their friends down the mountain. One of the group left early only to tell us at dinner that night that he found two snowballs in the hood of his jacket when he got home...haha, no-one fessed up.
I will definately be back there and will think about getting some 2nd hand gear and a cheaper spring pass to do it more often.

Few things been going on in my life, I've applied for an articling position with a well known environmental law firm called Ecojustice, there is only 1 position per year, but I would rather be in the race than out of I applied for that, which would see me in Canada alot longer than expected - but it would be very worth it.
I also got a call from a local horseriding company as I had posted my resume with them for the summer and I have an interview. Imagine this - summer in the Canadian rocky mountains, on horseback, picnic in your backpack, riding along a narrow ridge over a blue/green lake that sparkles with the green pines lining the outside and above the snow peaked mountains hover imagine doing that AND getting paid...I would keep my legal position and do 4 days in the office, 3 on horseback guiding tourists...will keep you posted on that.

As some of you may or may not know I get my first Australian visitor (woo hoo Belinda) at the beginning of April and we have a big road trip planned from Canmore to Calgary, to Edmonton (past a few of the local "biggest [insert object] in the world" - I will post up photos when I have them, then back through the Jasper and Banff National parks along the ice highway, this area is what you see in the Canadian guide books - amazing scenery, breathtaking and all with a very close friend - its going to be a blast! Edmonton mall is a destination and it has a scuba diving area IN THE MALL, with a waterpark and over 800 stores...I could go on all day, its on like 78 hectares - A MALL!! Unreal.

I finished up my housesitting and am missing Luke already, he was great company and I hope that they will let me take him out for walks on the weekends. The pay off is that back at my house I have an outside hot tub, which in OZ is called a jucuzi and its right outside the condo with snow all around, sits on 39 degrees and you wouldnt know it was -18 outside, its so so good, the only reason for getting out is wrinkly grandma hands and feet.

Well, hope you are all living it up back home - congrats to Wingnut on getting her drivers licence and tearing up the streets in her new car, I am a very proud sister, you worked hard and you got it :)

Love you and leave you for now.