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Wanderlust cured’s Travel Diary

Monday, 23 Feb 2009

Location: Canada

MapI left Australia to really experience a world outside of the comfort of home, my wonderful family and very special friends and I have not been disappointed. I have learnt so much about myself in the past 7 weeks, reflections, hopes, goals, dreams, morals, needs and wants, strengths and weaknesses. All lessons I know will carry me through my adult years; make me stand a little taller, speak a little more confidently, and dance more often just for the joy of it. An experience like loneliness is magnified for a lone traveller but when a friend comes walking in the door they are followed by a ray of sunshine and a welcome warmth replaces what once felt like loss.
I have heard for many years now the phrase "you think too much", now I am no position to discuss the truth or falsity of that statement but I know that thinking can be a rewarding experience in itself when it carries positive sentiment and a hope that the thoughts will manifest themselves into a reality and I will continue to think as often and as much as possible about the complexity and the fun of living as I do.

"Find happiness and be content in what you are doing right now, this does not mean that you do not look forward and aim higher, it just means that right now becomes richer for you"

*sigh* - that got the more intimate thoughts for the fun stuff...

I was taken out for a sushi night and had my first taste of raw fish with a sympathetic crowd but let me tell you, there are not many other things that you can put into your mouth that are so soft and melt the way this did and I will most certainly be back there.
Saturday was ski time as I forgot about saving and a future and remembered how fun it is to be free on a ski hill. I was taken up by someone who REALLY knows how to ski and was patiently taught skills that will make a big difference to how fast and gracefully I can get down the hill, it was a "CAVU" (Cavoo) day - Clear Above, Visibility Unlimited and it was wonderful, we achieved a ride on every ski lift that day. Success!
I took a long walk on Sunday with my camera into Cougar territory up behind my house, the sun beamed down, warming the snow and my heart as I slowly fall in love with this place. I strolled through the bush meeting squirrels, taking a few photos, getting directions from runners and sat above Canmore town on a hill for an hour watching life go by.
I also start iceskating this week on the little frozen lake right behind my work - as they say "when in rome" and I look forward to a game of icehockey once I can competantly stand and move on two thin blades of steel ;) Wish me luck.
Well its late and sleep is something that I have lacked this weekend as I experienced meeting new people, tasting Canadian wines, walking for hours in awe of this place and carving my own tracks in the snow.
Love you and leave you.
Rachel. X